2013 HRM Impact Award Winner


Message from P&G Chief HR Officer Mark Biegger

“P&G is honored to be recognized for our development and use of the Global Adaptive Reasoning Test. The test helps us to cast a wider, more inclusive net for talent and evaluate more applicants across the globe for P&G positions than ever before. It also creates a win for new hires, ensuring they get off to a strong and successful start at P&G and have what it takes to progress over the course of their career through our build from within talent processes.”


P&G Global Adaptive Reasoning Test


P&G’s Global Adaptive Reasoning Test uses evidence-based practice in the design, development, research and deployment of a first-of-its-kind cognitive assessment to be delivered across the globe, online and unsupervised, at the very beginning of P&G’s hiring process. Assessing applicants’ cognitive ability has served as a cornerstone of P&G’s hiring model for more than 50 years, with a focus on ensuring we have talent with the greatest raw processing power available to drive our global build-from-within talent systems. 

Spanning more than 4 years, and in partnership with the Human Resources Research Organization (HumRRO), the research behind the initiative touched more than 200,000 candidates and 2,000 employees to ensure that each question on the test measures cognitive ability in a consistent and fair way across culture, gender, age, race/ethnicity and other demographic groups. In addition, the development of adaptive question delivery, in partnership with Development Dimensions International (DDI), has allowed us to improve the accuracy of the test’s ability to measure cognitive ability with less than 30% of the content delivered in a traditional paper-and-pencil test – saving candidate’s time and P&G’s internal costs. 

Adaptive delivery has also allowed us to provide applicants with unique sets of questions, helping to ensure security of the test using online, unsupervised delivery that allows us to cast a broader net for sourcing more diverse talent in our hiring process. More than 1 million candidates have been assessed over the last four years with the Global Adaptive Reasoning Test, ensuring that P&G recruiting and hiring resources spend their time with those applicants most likely to succeed once they’re hired and become P&G employees in one of the more than 70 countries in which we have on-the-ground operations.