Volume 59     
Number 1  
Summer 2021

Editor: ./Steven Toaddy

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President’s Column
Steven Rogelberg





The Bridge: It's Time to Focus on Impact, Not on Existence
Tara Myers featuring Joseph Andrew Jones




Beyond Psychometrics: Building Better Surveys
Andrew Tenbrink, Mallory Smith, Georgia LaMarre, Laura Pineault, Tyleen Lopez, and Molly Christophersen


Max. Classroom Capacity: An Interview With Dr. David Costanza
Loren J. Naidoo


pract  Navigating the Expansion of Virtual Communication at Work

Alejandro Albedrop, Diana R. Sanchez, and Tamara Skootsky

Local I-O Group Relations Committee: Local Group Update

Anna Erickson

Cindy Maupin

Liberty J. Munson

SIOP Survey Subcommittee: Richard Vosburgh, Victoria Stage, Victoria Hendrickson, Harry Kohn, Stephen King, Brett Guidry, & Erik Zito