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Volume 54     Number 3    January 2017      Editor: Tara Behrend

The Research Integrity Issue: Is There A Problem Behind the Problem? A Reply to List & McDaniel

Edwin Locke

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I have no argument with List and McDaniel’s discussion of personal integrity as a problem in research.  I will begin with a story. Many years I and coauthors submitted an important, elegant and carefully designed paper to a major journal. Naturally it was rejected. But it finally found a home in a strange way. We had predictions for parts of the study because there were established literatures. But one aspect crossed three different literatures, and there was no theory there so we had nothing from which to deduce a specific hypothesis. Nevertheless the result came out as we expected. (There was no HARKing in what we had submitted). The action editor said, in effect: You need to make a theory up for that aspect before the paper will be accepted.

On Becoming an Academic Orphan

Thomas F. Hilton

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Recent TIP interest in academic genealogies got me thinking about how our own more proximal, and less linear, genealogies influence the evolution of our careers. Not unlike the fictional Luke Skywalker of Star Wars fame, my I-O Jedi training included three mentors: an Owen Lars figure, an Obi-Wan Kenobi, and a Yoda. Each contributed greatly to my personal and professional development, and all three signed my dissertation.

How Do Our Conference Sessions Track With SIOP’s Top Workplace Trends?

Jessica Thornton, Tiffany Poeppelman, Evan Sinar, Michael Armstrong, and Nikki Blacksmith

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Over the past few years, SIOP has researched and published a list of the top 10 workplace trends. For those who may not have participated in the surveys previously, this list is developed by interviewing and then surveying SIOP members to see what trends may be ahead based on research and what I-O psychologists see changing in their organizations. Members are asked what “the next big thing" is that organizations will research or implement in the upcoming year and what trends members anticipate. The list is established by feedback from hundreds of I-O professionals. The top 10 workplace trends of 2016 can be found on SIOP’s website.

2017 Conference Program

Zach Horn

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We received over 1,420 submissions for the 2017 SIOP conference in Orlando! Around 950 submissions were accepted for what is expected to be a first-rate conference. FUN FACT: a whopping 91 submissions included reproducible research, a new addition to SIOP 2017, and many were very highly rated, so be sure to flag a few of these when you see them in the program (way to think forward, SIOP!). In fact, so many were highly rated that, along with our highly attended HR Track (on Friday), SIOP 2017 is also featuring a reproducible research track on Saturday. More details to come on those tracks, so stay tuned!