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I-O Psychology in New York City: Looking Back and Ahead

Harold Takooshian, Melissa W. Search, Virginia E. Schein, Walter Reichman, and Allen I. Kraut

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Since Peter Minuit "bought" the island of Manhattan on May 24, 1626, Manhattan has emerged as a unique world center, both for commerce and for psychological science. Yet we find little published information today on the remarkable history of industrial-organizational psychology in Manhattan (Woroschinski & Takooshian, 2017).

Since 1939, the Metropolitan New York Association of Applied Psychologists (METRO) has thrived in New York City (Shapiro, Erickson, & Farmer, 2016). In 2017, METRO hosted a forum on " I-O Psychology in NYC: Its Fascinating History and Future." This segued into an expanded forum hosted by the Manhattan Psychological Association in 2018, where five experts with a combined 180 years of experience shared their impressions and unpublished information. This multiauthored essay shares our insights on developments in I-O psychology in New York City over past decades.

I-O Helping Make the World a Better Place: SIOP Collaborating With Other Psychology Organizations at the United Nations

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In 2008, the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology (SIOP) submitted an application to the United Nations’ Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) requesting special consultative status as a non-governmental organization (NGO). The ECOSOC is one of six organizational pillars within the United Nations established by the United Nations (UN) Charter in 1945, and it serves as the central forum for formulating policy recommendations regarding international economic and social issues (ECOSOC website:  SIOP’s application process with ECOSOC spanned the terms of four SIOP presidents and countless hours on application forms and special requests.  On Aug 1, 2011, the efforts finally paid off as SIOP was officially granted NGO special consultative status with the ECOSOC (Scott, 2011).

Successful Practice Events at the SIOP Conference

Rob Silzer, Lynn Collins, Ben Porr, and Mark Morris

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The Professional Practice Committee chairs and members delivered numerous highly successful events for SIOP practitioners at the Chicago SIOP conference.

Over the last several years many new programs and initiatives have been introduced and the response has been overwhelmingly positive. Thanks go to the many SIOP practitioners who attended and supported practice events.

Here is an overview of the key events and attendance at Professional Practice events at the SIOP conference.

Members in the Media

Mariah Clawson

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Awareness of I-O psychology has been on the rise thanks to articles written and featuring our SIOP members. These are member media mentions found from February 1, 2018 through May 31, 2018.

We scan the media on a regular basis but sometimes articles fall through our net. If we’ve missed your or a colleague’s media mention, please send them to us! We push them on our social media and share them in this column, which you can use to find potential collaborators, spark ideas for research, and keep up with your fellow I-O practitioners.