Did Smarter Workplace Awareness Month Pass You By?

Visibility Committee Initiative Gains Momentum

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2018 marks the 5th year of SIOP’s Smarter Workplace Awareness Month. Begun in 2014, the intiative was invigorated this year by concerted efforts of the Visibility Committee’s Media Subcommittee.

Foundation Spotlight: On Intelligent Fast Failure and Moon Shots

Milton D. Hakel

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Three decades ago I had a colleague in Mechanical Engineering named Jack Matson.  Jack taught a class popularly known as Failure 101.  It was a required introductory course, and the core assignment for each small group of students was to (a) create some “thing,” for example, a mechanical gizmo, (b) run it until it failed, and (c) write up a full analysis of the failure.  Students whose thing did not fail received Fs—the group that made and marketed fudge never succeeded at failing, so they got Fs.

SIOP 2019—Washington DC 34th Annual Conference: National Harbor, Fort Washington, Maryland, April 4-6, 2019 Preconference Workshops April 3, 2019

Tracey Rizzuto Program Chair, SIOP 2019, Louisiana State University; and Scott Tonidandel Conference Chair, SIOP 2019, University of North Carolina at Charlotte

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The 34rd Annual SIOP Conference program promises to engage and energize all audiences! SIOP President Talya Bauer’s “I Am SIOP” theme will highlight collaborations, demonstrate impact through partnerships, and feature multidisciplinary approaches to advance our science and practice, with several new features and an outstanding lineup of speakers.

Announcing the SIOP 2019 Preconference Workshops

Gavan O’Shea, HumRRO

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Save the date!  Wednesday, April 3, 2019, is the day that the SIOP preconference workshops will be held at the Gaylord National Harbor just down the Potomac River from Washington, DC. Gain hands-on experience with cutting edge I-O topics from the field's leading experts, network with your colleagues, and socialize at our premier evening reception! We’ll also be offering a flexible half-day attendance option again this year.

Check Out the New Getting I-O Into Intro Textbooks Blog

Nick Salter

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One of the initiatives of Talya Bauer’s new SIOP presidency is to include I-O psychology into Intro Psych Textbooks.  Currently, very few Intro Psych textbooks include the topic, which contributes to a general lack of awareness of our field by many.  Therefore, the Getting I-O into Intro Textbooks (GIT SIOP) Task Force was created.  In an effort to keep the SIOP community updated on the task force’s progress, the following blog has been created: http://my.siop.org/GIT-Blog