Volume 57     Number 1    Summer 2019      Editor: ./Steven Toaddy

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Editor's Column: From the Ashes
./Steven Toaddy

President's Column        
Eden King

Max. Classroom Capacity: On Preparing to Teach  
Loren Naidoo

From SIOP Into the World: The SIOP United Nations International Team  
Ines Meyer, Stuart Carr, Lori Foster, Aimee Lace, & Drew Mallory

TIP-TOPics for Students  -- Top Tech: The Best Technology for Graduate School, as Rated by Graduate Students    
Stefanie Gisler, Bradley Gray, Jenna-Lyn Roman, & Ethan Rothstein
On the Advocacy Front    
Bill Ruch, Alex Alonso, & Jack Goodman


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  Local I-O in the Capital City    
Anna Erickson

  The Bridge – D&I Initiatives: Best Practices and Lessons From the Field  
Kimberly Adams & Stephanie Zajac, Eds., and Juan Madera, Keli Wilson, & Mark Nagy

  A Behind-the-Scenes Look at the Special-Issue Editorial Process    
Tracy Griggs, Greg Thrasher, Charles Lance, Janet Barnes-Farrell, & Boris Baltes

  Spotlight on Award Winners: Meet Victoria Mattingly    
Liberty Munson & Garett Howardson

  Peering Behind the Curtain of the SIOP Program Building Process    
Scott Tonidandel & Elizabeth McCune



Liberty Munson
Nikki Blacksmith, Doug Reynolds, & John Scott
Lynn Collins and Mark Morris
Nick Salter, Jennifer Lee Gibson, Roni Reiter-Palmon, Georgia Chao, Deborah DiazGranados, & Joseph A. Allen
Jerilyn Hayward
APA Program Committee
Tiffany Poeppelman
Andrew Tenbrink, Mallory Smith, Georgia LaMarre, Laura Pineault, and Tyleen Lopez
Kevin Murphy and Angelo DeNisi
Jayne Tegge
Mariah Clawson