TIP Online


Volume 62
Number 1
Summer 2024
Editor: Adriane M. F. Sanders

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Editor’s Column: ADHDing, One Year Later
Adriane M. F. Sanders

President’s Column
Alexis Fink







Calling all I-O Program Directors (and Other Interested I-O Faculty)!
Adriane M. F. Sanders

A Content Analysis of Diversity in Undergraduate I-O Psychology Textbooks
Cynthia Prehar, Patrick McGonagle, & Rachael Hansen-Garshong

Max. Classroom Capacity: An Interview With Dr. Alicia Grandey
Loren J. Naidoo

All the Better to Hear You With: Using Social Media for Employee Listening
C. S. Ju, E. A. Liguori, & N. M. Savage

The Bridge: Connecting Science and Practice
Sarah Layman, Jen Harvel, & Apryl Brodersen

Elevating Recruitment: Spectrum’s Innovative Transformation of Selection Processes
Laura Fields, Sara Andrews, Matt Albar, Erin Scheuer, & Carter Gibson

Connecting for Growth at SIOP 2024: A Look Inside This Year’s Consortia
Amber Burkhart

Promoting SIOP Volunteer Leadership: Lessons From the Trenches
Maryalice Citera, Bill Handschin, Eileen Linnabery, Meisha-Ann Martin, Robert Calderón, Jill May, Comilla Shahani-Denning, Donna Sylvan, Alan Tomassetti, Angela Ackerman, Meredith Burnett, & Dennis Ochieng


2024 Membership Survey Results
Survey Subcommittee of the SIOP Membership Committee: Katye Griswold, Cameron Klein, Rushika De Bruin, Harry Kohn, Kelsey Byerly, Ziyad Muflahi, & Tianjun Sun


The Innovation & Learning Speaker Series: Helping the United Nations Explore the Use of AI In Selection
Jenna McChesney, Chelsi Campbell, Elissa Perry, & Mark L. Poteet

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Combatting Predatory I-O Training Programs
Afra S. Ahmad & AJ Thurston

SIOP Award Winners and New Fellows

Members in the Media
Amber Stark


Jenny Baker