Volume 60
Number 1
Summer 2022
Editor: Adriane M. F. Sanders

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Editor’s Column: Introductions, Gratitude, & Looking Ahead
Adriane M. F. Sanders

President’s Column
Mo Wang

NEW!  The Bridge: Connecting Science and Practice
Lisa Wager, Cameron Klein, James Longabaugh, and Sheena Lyons

Opening Up: Tips for Fostering Belongingness in Our Scholarly Communities While Encouraging Open Science
Christopher M. Castille, Haley R. Cobb, Jaclyn A. Siegel, and Candice L. Thomas

Max. Classroom Capacity: On Conducting Teacher Peer Evaluations
Loren J. Naidoo

About Inclusion, and “Liberty and Justice for All”
Milt Hakel







Highlights From the 37th SIOP Annual Conference
Whitney Botsford Morgan

Conference Photos:
Seattle 2022

Take the Challenge: Five Recommendations to Advance DEI Efforts in the I-O Field
Tunji Oki, Lars U. Johnson, Victoria Mattingly, Tracy Powell-Rudy, and Tem Lawal

Tech Talk: 2022 SIOP Annual Conference Takeaways From I-O Professionals in Tech
Tunji Oki, Stephanie Murphy, Catie Jacobson, Jimmy Mundell, Hannah Markell-Goldstein, Laura Joiner, and Sharon Li

2022 SIOP Consortia —Thank You to Our Presenters and Attendees!
Debbie Diaz-Granados

Tutorial for Integrating and Hosting Experimental Lab Studies Through Amazon Web Services
Anthony Naranjo, Ezequiel Gioia, Samuel Donnelly, Dustin Jundt, Shiyang Su, and Mindy Shoss