Volume 61
Number 1
Summer 2023
Editor: Adriane M. F. Sanders

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SIOP Premieres New Student Consulting Challenge
Jennifer Diamond Acosta

2023 SIOP Consortia: Thank You to Our Presenters and Attendees!
Consortia Committee: Amber L. Burkhart, Manuel F. Gonzalez, Alexandra Harris-Watson, Lauren R. Locklear, Nchopia Nwokoma, Brandon S. Riggs, Beth Adams, Jan L. Harbaugh, I-Heng (Ray) Wu, & Nadine Tresa Maliakkal

SIOP Distinguished Professional Contributions Award (2023): “Stories of Discovery in the Pursuit of Practice”
Michael A. Campion

The Uncertain Future of I-O Licensing and Certification: The SIOP Certification Task Force Requests Your Attention
Elizabeth L. Shoenfelt, Elliot D. Lasson, Joel Lefkowitz, Robert E. Lewis, Rodney L. Lowman, Daniel A. Schroeder,  & Judith C. Walters 

SIOP UN Committee Sounding Board: Helping the United Nations Assess the Impact of Change
SIOP UN Committee: Julie Olson Buchanan, Stuart C. Carr, Sharon Glazer, Jenna McChesney, Ishbel McWha-Hermann, Ines Meyer, Morrie Mullins, (Mat) Osicki, Mark L. Poteet, & Nabila Sheikh-Hashmi

Leadership Development for Professional Services Firms
Mark Roy

Why Organizational Psychology Should Be a Leading Force for Sustainability
Robert G. Jones


2023 Membership Survey
Survey Subcommittee of the SIOP Membership Committee: Katye Griswold, Cameron Klein, Victoria Hendrickson, Harry Kohn, Kelsey Byerly, Brett Guidry, Kat Defilippi, Erik Zito, Amy Wester, & Will Thai

Develop Assessment Strategies for the Future by Attending the 2023 SIOP Leading Edge Consortium
Tracy Kantrowitz

Nominate the Next IOP Editor

Members in the Media
Amber Stark

Membership Milestones
Larry Nader & Jenny Baker

Jenny Baker

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