Volume 59
Number 4
Spring 2022
Editor: ./Steven Toaddy

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Editor’s Column: Time for a Change
./Steven Toaddy

President’s Column: Two Questions Answered
Steven Rogelberg

The Bridge: Performance Management in a Virtual/Hybrid World of Work: How Can Science Inform Practice?
C. Allen Gorman & John P. Meriac

Ask Me Anything (AMA) About Graduate School: How Online and Brick-and-Mortar Programs Are Viewed on the I-O Psychology Reddit
Sayeed Islam, Gordon Schmidt, Haroon Pervez, Jennifer DeRosa, Vicki Carpenter, Yashica Albert, & Carole Ingram

Overcoming Crisis: Building a Resilient Work Culture in the Era of COVID-19
Dominic Fedele, Charles Blomstrom-Johnson, Sarah Jensen, Robert Miller, Kauyer Lor, and Jessica Wildman

A Tale of Two Departments: Examining Differences Between I-O Psychology and Management Programs
Logan M. Steele, Kaitlin Busse, Wiston A. Rodriguez, Manuel Gonzalez, & Yochi Cohen-Charash

Translating SIOP’s Guidelines for Graduate Education Into a Robust Competency Development Process for Master’s-Level I-O Professionals
Christopher J. L. Cunningham & Bethany Whitted, The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga

Approaches to Prosocial I-O Psychology Work: Joshua Caraballo
Nicole Alonso, University of Houston