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SIOP encourages members to take an active role in the Society. Serving on a committee is one of the best ways to participate and learn about the issues that confront SIOP as an organization. Committee work will broaden your knowledge of how SIOP functions and expand your network in the I-O profession.

Volunteer terms are generally for one year, beginning each May. Some committee roles have longer terms or specific membership requirements. Committee leaders are recruited directly by the President-Elect during the previous year and generally serve a 2 year term. Committee Chairs begin recruiting volunteers in May-June, and fill their roster by July 1 each year. A committee roster may include up to 25% Student member volunteers, however, some committees do not accept any Students due to the nature of the committee's work.


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Standing Committees

Ad Hoc Committees

Disability, Inclusion and Accessibility (DIAC) (ad hoc):  This group seeks to help SIOP become a barrier-free society by raising awareness of issues of disability and disability identity in the workforce and helping improve the experiences of all SIOP members, I-O students, and other people with disabilities through science and practice.  The ad hoc committee is includes scientists and practitioners, U.S. and international members, people with a lived experience of a disability and allies, and people at different career stages.

Support, Planning, and Research Committee (SPARC) (ad hoc): The group consists of invited members who serve a 5 year term. The committee’s purpose is to delve into the details of policies that effect the Society and provide reports and/or recommendations to the Executive Board.


Awards Committees

Awards Committee: The Awards Committee administers the SIOP awards and the awards, scholarships, and research grants for the SIOP Foundation. It is divided into a Scholarship and Grants committee and a Recognition Awards committee, each with a leadership trio, consisting of the Chair, Past Chair, and Chair-In-Training The leaders select subcommittee chairs for each of the awards to evaluate nominations and applications. Subcommittee members review supporting materials before making a recommendation to the Executive Board.

In the SIOP Volunteer System (SVS), the name of each of these subcommittees is preceded by the abbreviation AWD to make them easily distinguishable as being connected to awards. Because the awards subcommittees are awards-related, no Student member may serve on any of them, and because they are active for such a short period of time, they have the same status as ad hoc committees, in that a member may serve on both a standing committee and an award subcommittee. Please note that many of these subcommittees have very specific requirements for membership so they may not appear in the SVS. Learn more about awards committee requirements here.

Task Forces

Each year the SIOP President may appoint a short-term task force to undertake a specific goal or project. Some task force members are specifically recruited for the term of the task force, while others are recruited within the SVS. 


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SIOP uses a software tool called the SIOP Volunteer System (SVS), that enables SIOP members to volunteer online for up to 3 committee. Each chair decides how many members of the current committee are eligible to return and how many new members will need to be recruited via the SVS. The chair of each committee works to make sure the membership of SIOP is fully represented. In the event a chair does not need all the volunteers, every attempt is made to place them on their second or third choice committees. The number of volunteers frequently exceeds the need for committee members, so those not selected are asked to try again the following year. 

SIOP members may only serve on a maximum of one Standing committee and one Awards or Ad Hoc committee. (It is recommended that, if you have been recruited by a specific committee chair, you should only check that one committee in order to avoid getting picked by other committees and not your first choice.) 

The requirements for serving on a SIOP Committee are usually simple. You must be a member of SIOP who has renewed dues for the upcoming year (beginning in July each year.) There is a 3-year limit of service for most committees. Only 25% of a committee's membership may include Students. Some SIOP committees: Advocacy Review, Elections, Fellows, LEC, SIOP Conference, Site Selection, SPARC, United Nations, Virtual Program for Great China Region, Workshops, and the following publication committees: IOP Journal, Organizational Frontiers Series, Organizational Science Translational Series, Professional Practice Series, and the Publications Board, have additional criteria for their membership and do not recruit new members through the SVS.