The SIOP Volunteer System (SVS)

Thanks for your interest in volunteering for a SIOP committee.  Please note that you must renew your SIOP dues before being allowed to volunteer. All volunteers must use the SVS to sign up for committees including those who wish to continue serving on their current committee.  The SVS is the method that SIOP utilizes to track your SIOP involvement which could be useful in the future if you apply for awards and honors.

Every request to join a committee will be reviewed, and nobody will be overlooked in the selection process. Because some committees are more popular than others, you are urged to volunteer early, as the committee you really had your heart on being a part of may not have a position for you if you delay in volunteering.

A note to students: SIOP has over 4,000 Student Affiliates and fewer than 30 committees that accept student volunteers due to the nature of their work. SIOP only permits a small number of Student Affiliates to serve per committee (up to 25% of the committee's total membership.) If you are a student and were unable to get a position on a committee, SIOP has other opportunities for you to volunteer, particularly during our annual conference.

How to volunteer:

  1. Login at the top of this page with your SIOP username and password
  2. Renew your dues if necessary.
  3. Update your account Demographics details. The more information you tell us about yourself, the more likely you will be chosen for a committee. Some Committee chairs are looking for specific expertise or experience so be sure to add your interest areas, a bio, resumé , a link to your LinkedIn profile, etc.
  4. Determine which committees for which you want to volunteer 
  5. Visit the SVS submission form (link is below)


This is what the SVS form look like:


If you are already a member of any Standing committee, you will not be allowed to join another Standing committee, but you will be allowed to volunteer for an Ad Hoc or Awards committee, or a Task Force.

After you have made your selection(s), you MUST click on the "Submit Committee Selections" button at the bottom of the page.



After submitting your choices, you will receive an email from for each committee choice you have made notifying you that your application for the committee will be reviewed shortly.

That’s it! As soon as you submit your choices, each chair will will receive your request. Then, as soon as the chair makes a choice to accept or decline your request to volunteer, you will be notified by email. Acceptance to a committee becomes part of your membership record. Upon your acceptance, your other Standing Committee selctions will be purged from the system, but if any of those other choices were Ad Hoc committees, Awards subcommittees, or Task Forces, they will be left in the system. If you do not wish to be considered for another committee, please re-visit the volunteer page and delete those entries.


Volunteer for Committees