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Volume 55     Number 2    October 2017      Editor: Tara Behrend

Meredith Turner
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Membership Milestones

Jayne Tegge, Membership Services Specialist; and Stephany Below, Communications Manager

The Membership Milestones column is devoted to welcoming the newest SIOP members and recognizing long-time members. Each column lists the professional SIOP members who have joined the Society since the previous issue as well as recognizes members who have recently upgraded their membership. We also acknowledge the newest additions to SIOP’s Sterling Circle. Click the links below to go directly to a list or continue reading to learn more!

New Sterling Circle Members New Members New “Associate Path to Membership” Members*

Being a member of SIOP has deeply affected me both professionally and personally. It's been invaluable to my career, and it has allowed me to make a number of lifelong friendships with good people.

Donald Truxillo
Professor of Industrial-Organizational Psychology at Portland State University
Sterling Circle Member

Members are the heart and soul of SIOP and are greatly appreciated for their interest and contributions. An impressive list of distinguished members has been with the Society for 25 years or more. To recognize the contributions and loyalty of these dedicated members, SIOP has developed an initiative called the Sterling Circle. Sterling Circle members are honored in several ways and can be identified at SIOP events with a special ribbon on their badges. Learn more about the Sterling Circle here.

Following is a list of SIOP’s newest Sterling Circle Members.* Read the complete list on the SIOP website!

Mark Agars Boris Baltes Russell Barcelona

Cassie Barlow Lynn Bartels Jeffrey Beaubien

Robert Bloom D. Ramona Bobocel Gerald Borofsky

Susan Bowman Robert Bretz Sharon Buchbinder

Maryalice Citera Caroline Cochran Iris Cohen-Kaner

Patrick Conley Michelle Dean Patrick  Devin

Thomas Diamante Margaret Durr Dov Eden

Romella El Kharzazi Eric Elder James Eyring

Gary Farkas Jay Finkelman Richard Flicker

Harold Goldstein Michael Goodstone Michelle Graef

Laura Graves Bill Handschin Lisa Harpe

Bryan Hayes Charles Hobson Joseph Hoffman

Brenda Holdnak Katherine Holt Allen Huffcutt

Gregory Hurtz Mark Huselid Jeff Johnson

Gary Jusela Jean Kirnan Ellen Kossek

Mitchell Kusy Vicki Crawshaw Kwarciany Cynthia Lee

Glenn Littlepage Amelia Livingston Jared Lock

David Lux Alison Mallard Theresa Martelli

Charles Martin Suzanne Masterson Scott McIntyre

Richard McLellan Shawn Mikulay Philip Moberg

Frederick Morgeson Kurt Motamedi Catherine Murensky

Susan Myers Aaron Nurick Brian O'Leary

Stephanie Payne Lawrence Pfaff Jean Phillips

Charles Pierce Robert Ployhart Mark Poteet

Peter Richardson Mark Rohricht Sherry Rubenstein

Deidra Schleicher William Schoel Cynthia Searcy

Eleni Speron Mark Spool David Spurlock

Jeffrey Stanton Laura Steighner Robert Steilberg

Lorraine Stomski James Tan James Thomas

Todd Thorsteinson Donald Truxillo Robert Vandenberg

Don VandeWalle Nicholas Vasilopoulos John Veres

Lee Ann Wadsworth Marie Waung Sara Weiner

R. Jason Weiss P. Gail Wise Paige Wolf 

Amy Yost Brian Young

I first joined SIOP as a student member and attended my first conference in 1989. I remember attending different sessions and being so excited to listen to researchers whose journal articles I had just finished reading. I have attended most conferences since then—it is a fantastic few days of meeting old friends and making new ones. Every year, I make it a point to attend a couple of sessions about topics that are new or different. It helps keep me current in areas that I am less familiar with. I also make it a point to split my time between academic and practitioner-oriented presentations so that I can keep track of advances in both spaces. I always come home from the conference energized and excited about the field that has been the focus of my career over the past 30 years.

Comila Shahani-Denning
Professor of Psychology and Director of M.A. Program, Hofstra University
Sterling Circle Member

New Members

The life blood of any organization lies in attracting new members who bring a special enthusiasm and interest. Membership in SIOP is growing, and we take great pleasure in welcoming our newest members. They comprise a wonderful mix of former Student Affiliates upgrading to full membership and professionals, including those who previously were Associate members and International Affiliates. SIOP looks forward to these new members’ participation on committees and conferences as they experience the value of membership in the premier organization for industrial and organizational psychologists.

Following is a list of SIOP’s newest professional members*:

Yalcin Acikgoz Mohd Raafe Abdul Lynne Allison

Rance Allman II Norma Armstrong Samuel Au

Rachel August Alex Barriera James Beevers

Andrea Belcher Daniel Benkendorf Sharen Bhatti

Hilary R. Bily Jason A. Blaik Kelly Bleeker

Bryan Bonner Robert Boylan Stephanie Anne Braganza

Joshua Brandt Emma Brewer Maria Brown

Nick T. Cale Tim Carey Michael Carriger

Marie Ciavarella Sean Dailey Rebecca Daisley

James Davis Pega Davoudzadeh Katee De Lorme

Shawn Del Duco Michelle J. Dennis Suzanne Devlin

Jennifer Dos Santos Laura Dryjanska Joseph Dunn

Jack Durand Dan Eisen Patrice Esson

Melissa Feigelson  Michael Flood David Flore 

Charles West Glover Jay Gordon Jr. Chris Griffin

Deborah Greer Lori Grubs Laura Gunter

Justin Hance Michael Harris Michael Andrew Haynes

Elizabeth Hendricks Tresna Hunt Kaifeng Jiang

Shanna Jinkerson Oliver John Danielle Jouglard

Hee Jung Kang Michelle Katz Neena Kaur

Grant Keller Robert C. Kennedy Kea Kerich

Andrew Kimmel Adrienne King Hillary Kuenn

Barbara Z. Larson Clarice Larson Robert Lauridsen

Christopher James Lyddy Rebecca Lyons Scott MacKenzie

Alain Maisterrena Stephanie Marberry Sheila L. Margolis

Lowell Matthews Monica Lynne Matthews Katrina McCoy

Kellie Rae McElhiney Jeremiah McFarland Stacy McManus

Jill Barrett Melnicki Melanie Milhouse Jerry Miller

Vonda K. Mills Jessica Miranda Patrick Mitchell

Lucy Morris Carrie Nations Alexander Nedilskyj

Gidget Nelson Irelola Oladele-Ojo Kalifa Oliver

Jeffrey Orlando Tinisha M. Parker Ken Pfligler

Shayla Proctor Padmini Radhakrishnan Aditi Raghuram

J. Paul Rand Barbara Reilly Jane Rhee

Sarah Riley Crystal Robinson Joe Rodriguez

Anna L. Sackett Wandy San Miguel Alison Santinello

Lourdes Santos Peter Francis Saville Scott SchmidtBonne

Jessica Mae Scott Logan Sellers Luisa Sersch

Chaunette Small Amy-Kate Snowise Wesley Stein

Mary Streit Sabra Y. Stuermer Elizabeth Supinski

Ying Siu (Yvonne) Tan Frances Taveras-Amato Kathleen Taylor

Jeannie Thompson Andrew R. Timming Samuel Tisdale

Jessica Tower Dana Tucker Jaquelen Tuñon

Terra Vance Kathleen Voss Paul Warner

Eloise Claire Warrilow Elijah Wee Allie Wehling

Cheryl Weiland Ramon Wenzel Charmon Parker Williams

Jeffrey Wilson Ruth Wolever Janiece Young

Stephen A. Woods Anthony Jacob Zak

SIOP is our virtual worldwide community. People change jobs and even careers, which sometimes means that people move within and across national borders. Yet, SIOP remains the virtual place that offers ongoing and uninterrupted professional, and even personal, stability. As a member for about a quarter century, I am very thankful for all the wonderful friends I have made through SIOP, as well as numerous research and applied projects I have initiated through SIOP connections. We should be very grateful and proud of SIOP and also remember to give back.

Herman Aguinis
Avram Tucker Distinguished Scholar and Professor of Management, School of Business, George Washington University
Sterling Circle Member

New “Associate Path to Membership” Members* 

Irene Sasaki Tiffany Poeppleman Monica Elcot


*List compiled from Feb. 28-Aug 31, 2017

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