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Volume 55     Number 2    October 2017      Editor: Tara Behrend

Meredith Turner
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Update on the 2017 SIOP LEC “Innovations in Executive Coaching: Deepening Your Expertise in a Dynamic World”: October 20 & 21, 2017, Minneapolis, MN

Sandra O. Davis

As chair of the LEC for this year, I feel compelled to let all of you know about the planning and thinking behind this year’s event.  First of all, I am grateful to Rob Silzer for overseeing the LEC and even convincing me to serve as chair.  Having the chance to give back to SIOP, to work with a fabulous group of committee members, and to deepen my own skills as an executive coach pulled me into saying “yes.”

The Leading Edge Consortium (LEC) launched in October of 2005 under the leadership of three chairpersons: Rob Silzer, Leaetta Hough, and David Campbell.  The purpose of every LEC then and now  (this year is the 13th LEC) is to focus on a single I-O practice topic that will attract and engage senior, seasoned I-O practitioners and help move the field forward.  Other topics over the years have included global selection and assessment, succession strategies, and talent analytics.

Our plans for this year would not have happened so readily without the expertise of the stellar committee members who said “Yes” when I called and asked for their help.  Please join me in thanking Erica Desrosiers, Michael Frisch, Tim Jackson, Rob Kaiser, Jeff McHenry, and Vicki Vandaveer.  Also, our plans would not have materialized so quickly without many in Divisions 14 and 13 responding to our early January survey about what topics would appeal to experienced practitioners.  We heard loud and clear that you wanted new insights and not elementary “how tos.”

Using those ideas as a springboard, we contacted potential speakers who we believed could advance insights and ultimately our individual practice of coaching.  The format includes speakers, TED-style talks, conversation groups, networking, and a chance to capture our own learning as we go.  We have six prominent experts on executive coaching including David Peterson, Carol Kauffman, Richard Kilburg, Richard Boyatzis, Karol Wasylyshyn and Robert Eichinger.

Our objective and guideline is to ensure that we as coaches who are in the business of helping others learn have a chance to learn ourselves.  Click here for a link to our full agenda including speakers and bios.  It is still not too late to register!

New Offerings for This LEC

We have several new offerings this year.  First, although the conference begins on Friday, we are hosting two preconsortium workshops on Thursday for those who are looking for a deeper dive on a topic, specifically, Neuroscience for Coaching Leaders with Bob Eichinger and Team Coaching with Krister Lowe.  Each workshop is offered twice so that participants can attend both sessions.  We thought of this as an experiment, but I can already tell you that by mid-August they were close to being filled.

Second, in collaboration with MPPAW (the I-O group in the Twin Cities), we are offering a graduate student briefing on the basics of executive coaching.  This briefing will occur just before their regular meeting, which will feature Vicki Vandaveer speaking on “The Important Role—and Obligation—of I-O Psychology in Advancing the Science and Practice of Executive Coaching”.

Third, with the blessing of the Visibility Committee, we are holding an HR briefing event on the Thursday morning prior to the formal conference. This event is being chaired by Karen Grabow and will be a chance for HR professionals (who likely are not attending the LEC) to hear about the state of the art of coaching in today’s world in organizations.  We have senior HR leaders and members of SIOP facilitating and serving on this panel. 

The Committee’s Overarching Objectives for This LEC

In answering the question, “What does success look like?” we arrived at the following criteria by which we hope you and our participants will judge this LEC.

  1. Advance coaching as a practice that bridges and incorporates multiple psychology disciplines.
  2. Be financially successful for SIOP (continue having the LEC achieve a positive impact).
  3. Ensure participants experience the event as something that has helped them learn to be more effective coaches.
  4. Build in some methodologies so the event does not just “end” after one and one-half days; that is, that learning and connections continue to advance the practice of coaching for participants long after the formal conclusion of the LEC.
  5. Use the LEC topic as a vehicle for promoting possible research and for securing psychology as a necessary underpinning of all coaching work.

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