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Volume 55     Number 3    Winter 2018      Editor: Tara Behrend

Meredith Turner
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Membership Milestones

Jayne Tegge, Membership Services Specialist; & Stephany Below, Communications Manager

The Membership Milestones column is devoted to welcoming the newest SIOP members and recognizing long-time members. Each column lists the professional SIOP members who have joined the Society since the previous issue as well as recognizes members who have recently upgraded their membership. We also acknowledge the newest additions to SIOP’s Sterling Circle. Click the links below to go directly to a list or continue reading to learn more!

Members are the heart and soul of SIOP and are greatly appreciated for their interest and contributions. An impressive list of distinguished members has been with the Society for 25 years or more. To recognize the contributions and loyalty of these dedicated members, SIOP has developed an initiative called the Sterling Circle. Sterling Circle members are honored in several ways and can be identified at SIOP events with a special ribbon on their badges. Learn more about the Sterling Circle here.

Following is a list of SIOP’s newest Sterling Circle Members.* See the complete list on the SIOP website!

Shawn Burke

Ronald Festa

Raymond Johnson

Tenora Grigsby

Patricia Hedberg

Valentine Arnold

M. Susan Taylor

As for SIOP, I go back to the time when SIOP was Division 14 of APA. My association as a member and later a Fellow has been continuous since circa 1970. Having served as a member and chair of committees like Program, Fellowship and Training and for an edition of the Personnel Selection Principles, I was the beneficiary of the values and wisdom of SIOP colleagues, which fostered my scientific and professional growth, not to mention my competency as a manager and administrator. I must mention by name Ray Katzell, Herb Meyer, Joe Weitz, Irv Goldstein, Ben Schneider, Wally Borman, Frank Landy, Rich Klimoski, Wayne Cascio, Milt and Lee Hakel, Frank Schmidt, and Neal Schmitt as SIOP mentors and role models. SIOP has provided a forum for the presentation, criticism and discussion of my and my students' research over many years. SIOP conferences have been instrumental in providing me with much content for lifelong learning. SIOP has truly been a key element in any success I have enjoyed as an I-O psychologist.     

Edward Levine
SIOP Fellow since 1989, Sterling Circle Member


New Members

The life blood of any organization lies in attracting new members who bring a special enthusiasm and interest. Membership in SIOP is growing, and we take great pleasure in welcoming our newest members. They comprise a wonderful mix of former Student Affiliates upgrading to full membership and professionals, including those who previously were Associate members and International Affiliates. SIOP looks forward to these new members’ participation on committees and conferences as they experience the value of membership in the premier organization for industrial and organizational psychologists.

Following is a list of SIOP’s newest professional members*:

Gregory Adams

Alexander Aguilar

Trinidad Argüelles

Cara Bauer

Scott Bible

Jacqueline Bichsel

Angela Bruch

Ashley Cannon

Swati Chandra

Karrie Chitwood

Wonseok Choi

Donald Choi

Rachel Clapp-Smith

Rayna Clifton Gale

Steven Culpepper

Ayanna Cummings

Lonzo Davis

Christina DeSalvo

Katrina Dougan

Patricia Duncan

Cathleen Dunn

Mary Fairchild

Celine Foord

Philip Gibson

Jaron Harvey

Joseph Hasenstein

Elizabeth Hawley

Brittany Head

Anthony Hemmelgarn

Casto Ignacio

Kruthika Jayatheertha

Feng Jiang

Dustin Johnson

Sadaf Kazi

Nina Keith

Min-soo Kim

Andrew Knight

Daniel Kuchinka

Guylaine Landry

Virginia Laney

Kyung-Hee Lee

Meredith Lepley

Mary Manoogian

AJ Marsden

Anders Marstand

Tracy Maylett

Katharine McMillan

Igor Menezes

Katrina Merlini

Eva Mika

Chandra Miller

Amy Motyka

Ranjit Nair

Ann Nakamura

Megan Orchard

Michael Palanski

Neelima Paranjpey

Haesang Park

Brad Pearce

Paraskevas Petrou

Chris Pollino

Meagan Poole

Jamie Poveromo

Isabel Raemdonck

Beau River

Shannon Ross

David Rusbasan

Israel Sánchez-Cardona

Niclas Schaper

Kenneth Scott

Ryan Smith

Kathryn Stanley

Yoshi Takahashi

Craig Talmage

Katherine Tsai

Merel Van Dijk

Damian Vaughn

Petro Vlasov

Dan Vosgerichian

Kevin Williams

Alethea Wright

Christine Yip


New “Associate Path to Membership” Member*: Jessica Merten



Being an active SIOP member is a strong professional value that was instilled in me as a graduate student. In a real way, SIOP helped raise me as a professional. Reading TIP, attending the doctoral consortium, presenting at annual conferences, and networking with luminaries in the field were essential developmental opportunities that SIOP membership offered.  The generosity of SIOP members with their time and encouragement early in my career connected me to the I-O science and practice community, established SIOP as my professional home, and inspired me to give back. I’ve enjoyed sharing SIOP with my own students, who have benefitted in innumerable ways. Among professional organizations, SIOP stands out as something special.  In SIOP, there is a common thread of dedication connecting generations of I-Os. We have remarkably talented members who work tirelessly to develop  I-O psychologists and to promote the field of I-O psychology.


Debbie Major
SIOP Fellow since 2012, Sterling Circle Member

*List compiled from September 1 to December 15, 2017


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