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Big Data Recommendations for Industrial-Organizational Psychology
by Richard A. Guzzo, Alexis Fink, Eden King, Scott Tonidandel, and Ron Landis


Volume 8  Issue 4

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June 30, 2015


The world is awash in data.  Data are being created and stored at ever-increasing rates through a variety of new methods and technologies. Data are accumulating in all sorts of accessible places.   Much of that data are of great interest to industrial-organizational psychologists, often in ways never anticipated by those who develop technologies and processes that generate and store that data.  I-O psychologists also generate data in the course of research and practice in ways that, especially if joined with data originating from other sources, create giant data sets.  This abundance of data—variables, measurements, observations, facts—can be used to inform a vast number of issues in research and practice.  This is the new “big data” world, and beyond opportunities this new world also presents challenges and potential hazards.  



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