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August 1985 Vol. 22 No. 4


Division 14 APA Convention Program

Survey Survey: Management and Employee Reactions
by John C. Sherman

Department of Humor: An I/O Psychologist's Love Letter
by Paul M. Muchinsky

The New Careerism: Origins, Tenets, and Consequences
by Daniel C. Feldman

Correspondence Quiz
by Jim Scharf

Civil Rights Lawyers' Testimony
by William L. Robinson and Richard T. Seymour

A Devil's Dictionary of Behavioral Science Research Terms
by Richard W. Woodman

TIP Crossword Puzzle
by Ramon M. Henson


President's Message
by Benjamin Schneider

by Paul M. Muchinsky


Testing Issues Committee Report

Committee on Committees Report

Professional Affairs Committee Report

Fellowship Committee Report

Report from Council

Education and Training Committee Report

Long Range Planning Committee Report

External Affairs Committee Report

Scientific Affairs Committee Report

Membership Committee Report


Positions Available