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January 1993, Vol. 30 No. 3


SIOP Annual Conference
by Bill Macey

Industrial and Organizational Psychology Workshops

1993 SIOP Doctoral Student Consortium
by Dirk D. Steiner

SIOP '93: Off to San Francisco
by Lynn R. Offermann 

SIOP Job Placement Services: Past, Present, and Future
by Donna L. Denning 

Second Annual SlOP 5K Race

TIP PROFILES: Susan Jackson
by Karen E. May

John C. Flanagan: The Power of Planning
by Robert Most

An Open Letter to SlOP Members
by Linda Gottfredson

I/O and O.B. Graduate Student Conference
by Deena M. Freeman and Debra A . Cullinane

Test Scoring under the Civil Rights Act of 1991
by David W. Arnold and Alan J. Thiemann 

An Ethics Code for Statisticians - What Next?
by Lance W. Seberhagen

Industrial and Organizational Psychology at The Pennsylvania State University
by Rick Jacobs and Jim Farr 

Action Alert--EEOC Policy Guidance on the Civil Rights Act
by Dianne C. Brown


A Message from Your President
by Wayne Cascio

by Kurt Kraiger

Practice Network
by Thomas G. Baker

Vantage 2000
by Charmine E. J. Hartel

SIOP Calendar

Upcoming Conferences and Meetings

International Affairs Subcommittee
by Mary D. Zalesny

Master's Matters
by Laura Koppes

The SIOP/APS Connection
by Lee Herring

Calls and Announcements