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July 1991, Vol. 29 No. 1


Industrial and Organizational Psychology Workshops

SIOP's APA Convention Program

1991 Annual Conference - Wow!!!
by Ron Johnson

New SIOP Dues Schedule
by Manny London

SIOP Awards
by William K. Balzer

New SIOP Fellows
by Rich Arvey

Report on Efforts to Revise SIOP's Licensure Position
by Neal Schmitt 

APA Testifies on Civil Rights Act of 1991: And other assorted testing activities
by Wayne Camara

Testimony: Civil Rights Act of 1991
by Benjamin Schneider

Race-Norming-The Wall Street Journal

Excerpts of Comments Before the Equal Employment Advisory Council - February 28, 1991
by Rickey Gaull Silberman 

Society Conference 1992
by Ron Johnson 

The 1992 SIOP Annual Conference in Montreal: A Preview

Report on the 6th Annual I/O-OB Doctoral Student Consortium
by Greg Dobbins and Bob Vance

Looking Back at the 6th Annual I/O-OB Doctoral Student Consortium: Participant Perceptions
by Jeffrey D. Kudisch

I/O and OB Graduate Student Convention
by Scott Highhouse 

Revision of Graduate Training Programs in lndustrial/Organizational Psychology and Organizational Behavior

The Department of Labor Identifies Workplace Skills
by Deborah L. Whetzel


President's Message
by Richard Klimoski


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