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Report from APA Council of Representatives

Kevin R. Murphy
Representative to APA Council

 APA Council met February 1517, 2002 and was briefed on a wide range of topics. Three issues received considerable attention and seem particularly relevant to SIOP.

Compendium of Research and Practice that Makes a Real Difference

Philip Zimbardo took over as APA President. His major initiative is a Call to Accountability, asking psychologists to focus on how psychology has been used to make a difference in peoples lives. The focus will be on identifying research and applications that have been empirically demonstrated to make a meaningful difference in peoples lives. This initiative will involve identifying specific studies that lead to meaningful outcomes (better health, improved safety, etc.) and areas where psychology has made a difference in the real world. There is a Web-based survey (http://research.apa.org/survey/compendium)  that asks for examples, which will be compiled into a compendium.

Because much of what I-O psychologists do makes a real difference, we urge SIOP Members to respond to this survey. A compendium of examples of psychology making a real difference should certainly include a wide range of I-O research and applications.

Financial State of APA

Council was briefed on the financial state of APA. In 2001, APAs revenues were slightly under $85 million and expenses were slightly over $90 million. This $5 million deficit is due to a variety of factors, including a major decline in licensing revenues and lower turnover than normal. The net worth of APA is still substantial (nearly $40 million in 2000), which means that APA is not in immediate financial trouble. Licensing revenues (e.g., from electronic versus paper publishing products) are becoming increasingly difficult to predict, and APA will carefully monitor revenues throughout the year with the possibility that APA expenditures may be cut substantially during the year if the revenue shortfall continues.

Council debated a resolution setting a limit on the deficit APA would be allowed to run in 2002 (the projected deficit for 2002 will be over $1.5 million) and authorizing the management of APA to take necessary action to keep the deficit from exceeding this projection.

APA Ethics Code Revisions

Council received a briefing on the progress of the revision of the Ethics Code. This has been a 5-year process that is now in its sixth draft. The Ethics Code Task Force will hold its final review of comments in April and asks that any comments on the current draft be submitted by March 15. A final draft is expected to be submitted for Council approval in August of 2002.

The current draft of the Ethics Code is available at www.apa.org/ethics. This Web site includes the ethics code, a history of its revisions, and forms for submitting comments. Several of the proposed principles are potentially relevant to the activities of I-O psychologists. SIOP Members are especially encouraged to look at principles 3.01, 3.10, 3.11, 4.07, 8.01, 8.02, 8.03, 8.05, 8.08, 9.01, 9.02, 9.03, 9.05, 9.06, 9.07, and 9.10. SIOP has provided input on several of these principles, and the Ethics Task Force has been highly receptive to our suggestions. This is our last opportunity to provide input to this vital document, and we urge SIOP Members to take a careful look and to provide input as appropriate.


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