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Update on APAs Decade of Behavior Initiative

Sandra L. Fisher
Personnel Decisions Research Institutes, Inc.

The Decade of Behavior is a multidisciplinary initiative sponsored by APA that is intended to highlight how research in the behavioral and social sciences can and does address many of our nations toughest challenges. SIOP is one of 64 endorsing organizations involved in the Decade of Behavior. According to Decade of Behavior coordinator Keren Yairi,

With the recent terrorist attacks on our country, each of the initiatives five themessafety, health, education, prosperity, and democracyhave taken on an even more exceptional relevance. The Decade is an ideal vehicle to demonstrate how behavioral and social science findings can help save lives and enable us to understand, prevent, or prepare for a wide range of disasters.

In the first year of this initiative, a number of programs have been launched including

  • Distinguished Lecture Program, which provides support for major addresses on Decade themes at professional meetings of endorsing organizations to showcase research that stretches traditional disciplinary boundaries;
  • Exploring Behavior Week, an annual outreach program that introduces the behavioral and social sciences to secondary school students;
  • Smithsonian Lectures, a public information program sponsored in conjunction with the Smithsonian Associates that offers public lectures related to Decade themes; and
  • Policy Seminars, an effort to translate research into action by informing key individuals in the government and media about the importance of behavioral and social sciences.

One program that may be of particular interest to SIOP members is FundSource, a Web search tool for locating funding opportunities in the behavioral and social sciences. FundSource provides access to a database of foundations, federal agencies, and international funding sources, as well as direct links to funding source Web pages (www.decadeofbehavior.org/fundsource/).

The Decade of Behavior is also initiating a Research Awards program. Each year, endorsing societies such as SIOP will be invited to nominate research that has had a significant, demonstrable impact on public policy or common behavioral practice in each of the Decade theme areas. Selected nominations will receive an award and will be featured at a forum for public policy makers.

Visit www.decadeofbehavior.org for more information about the Decade of Behavior.


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