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The I-O Podcast channel provides authentic, free-flowing conversation regarding current trends, controversies, and topics of interest within or related to the realm of Industrial and Organizational Psychology. 

Topics discussed in this channel provide insight and entertainment for academicians, practitioners, managers, students, or any individuals who are interested in expanding their base of knowledge and understanding of organizational dynamics, functioning, and behavior at both the micro and macro levels. 

The objective of each episode of the I-O Podcast is to provide diverse perspectives and challenge ideas regarding topics in I-O Psychology.

*The views expressed in these podcasts are solely those of the presenters and guests and do not reflect the views or constitute any official statement of the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology (SIOP).

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Kelly Stewart

I-O Psychology Ph.D. Student,
Louisiana Tech University


Drake Doumit

I-O Psychology Ph.D. Student,
Louisiana Tech University

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Latest Episodes

Industrious and Organized: The I-O Entrepreneur

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Elliot Lasson, PhD

Elliot is a Professor and Director of the Master of Industrial/Organizational Psychology program at University of Maryland, Baltimore County in Rockville, Maryland. In addition, he has been a Human Capital Consultant specializing in employee recruiting and selection, talent development, training, and employment law. Elliot has operated professionally in the private, public, consulting, and nonprofit sectors. He holds a B.A. in Psychology from UMBC as well as M.A./Ph.D. degrees in I/O Psychology from Wayne State University. He is also certified as a Senior Human Resources Professional (SHRM-SCP and SPHR).


Kyana Beckles, M.P.S.

Kyana Beckles is an Employment Selection Specialist, the Founder and Principal Consultant of Leverage Assessments, LLC. which provides customized Psychometric services primarily to other test development companies. Kyana's a 15-year entrepreneur, starting as a consultant post-undergrad at the height of the recession and returning to an entrepreneur role after graduate school, and officially becoming an LLC in 2016.


Artificial Intelligence in I-O – It’s Not Just a Fad

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Three I-O psychologists discuss the applications of machine learning in I-O psychology.

Neil Morelli, PhD


Neil is the head of Product for The Cole group, a retained executive search firm serving high-growth tech companies in the Bay Area. Much of his research has involved the equivalency and use of mobile devices for delivering online selection assessments, which he has presented in multiple SIOP conference symposia and published in The International Journal of Selection and Assessment and The Journal of Business and Psychology. He received his PhD in I-O Psychology from the University of Georgia. Connect with Neil on Twitter at @neilmorelli.         

Recommended reading: The Seven Deadly Sins of Predicting the Future of AI


Rachel T. King, PhD

Rachel is a product development consultant at DDI, based in Pittsburgh, PA. She specializes in building leadership tests and assessments with an emphasis on psychometrics. She also conducts applied research on machine learning, natural language processing, and other statistical modeling techniques. She received her PhD in I-O Psychology from Bowling Green State University.


Michael C. Campion, PhD

Michael C. Campion is currently a consultant and researcher at Campion Services.  His current research interests include staffing, text analytics, strategic HRM, applicant and employer branding, and performance management. He received his PhD in Organizational Behavior and Human Resources from the University of South Carolina.

Latest Article: Initial investigation into computer scoring of candidate essays for personnel selection.


 State of the Union

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SIOP’s (immediate) past, present and future presidents discuss the future of I-O psychology and how SIOP is optimizing the organization to serve members’ needs. Major recent trends in the I-O field and their implications for the future; harnessing technology for member service; and SIOP’s outreach to local I-O groups are included in this wide-ranging discussion.



Fred Oswald, Ph.D

Fred is a Professor in the Department of Psychology at Rice University. He publishes methodological research in the areas of big data, meta-analysis, measure development, and psychometrics. He served as president of SIOP from 2017-2018.


S. Morton McPhail, PhD

Mort has practiced I-O Psychology for more than 35 years before retiring in 2013. He co-founded the consulting firm of Jeanneret & Associates and became a Senior Vice President with Valtera and subsequently with CEB. He served as SIOP’s President from 2016-2017.


Talya N. Bauer, PhD

Talya currently holds a dual appointment in Business and Psychology at Portland State University. Her research has led to over 100 refereed journal publications, chapters, and white papers, as well as five books. She is SIOP’s current president-elect.

Networking in I-O — Am I Doing It Right?

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In this episode, useful tips and advice for building a professional network in the field of Industrial-Organizational Psychology are provided by two knowledgeable and experienced guests. In our discussion, we address relevant “where”, “what”, “how” and “what if” questions regarding best practices for networking.


Eleni Lobene, Ph.D

Eleni is an associate consultant at Aon Hewitt, based in Washington, D.C. She specializes in leadership and assessment, specifically in developing computer-adaptive, work-simulation, situational-judgment, personality, biodata, and cognitive assessments.


Jan Sieving

Jan is the Director of Communications and Corporate Affairs at Southwestern Energy, an Oil & Gas Company based in Houston, TX. Jan specializes in public relations, media relations, crisis communications, government relations, marketing, advertising, speechwriting, corporate social responsibility, and annual reports.

SIOP Shaken & Stirred

Fifteen handpicked thought leaders and mavericks within and outside I-O have just two minutes each to answer one seemingly simple question:

“What if...?”

Shaken & Stirred was created to shake and stir perspectives, generate new ideas and collaborations, and challenge our thinking to advance I-O’s impact and influence. While at times provocative, the spirit of the event is collaborative and entertaining. There will also be surprises in store, including audience opportunities for sharing ideas to move the field forward.