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Welcome to the SIOP Research Access (SRA) service. This service makes available three EBSCO Host research databases—Business Source Corporate, Psychology and Behavioral Science Collection, and SocIndex—as well as exclusively available publications by and for SIOP members on a variety of scientific and practice topics. Subscribe to SRA to find the research you need to help you with your work and studies.


The EBSCO databases feature thousands of publications, including most that are highly sought after by SIOP's members. The Learning Center features audio and video files from previous SIOP Annual Conferences and Leading Edge Consortia. SIOP members may view a complete list of EBSCO publications available through the SRA service by clicking the "Publications Index" button below.



Publication Index

To determine if a publication is included in the research service, refer to the listing under each database. For more information, refer to the detailed lists. Some publications have embargoes (i.e., the full text version isn’t available for 12 for 18 months after publication) while some have indexing and abstracts only, and not the full text service.

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Subscription Information

SRA is a benefit available only to paid SIOP members. The SRA fee is $50 and the service is activated immediately upon purchase. While you may purchase SRA at any time throughout the year, your subscription will always end on June 30. If you wish to purchase it between March 1 and June 30, we recommend renewing your SIOP dues first so that your subscription will apply toward the upcoming year’s access and will not expire until the following June.

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