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Practitioner Forum: An Update From the Professional Practice Committee

Will Shepherd

This is my second update as the chair of the Professional Practice Committee. I want everyone to know that you have a tremendous group of dedicated volunteers who are working on your behalf to develop some great resources for you. In this update I want to highlight:

  • New Professional Practice page
  • Professional Practice Update newsletter
  • The Bridge: Connecting Science and Practice
  • Reminder: Practitioner Network reception
  • Speed mentoring
  • Early Career Practitioner Consortium
  • Assistant chair roles


New Professional Practice Home Page

Bookmark it! We have created a new home page that aggregates a variety of SIOP resources that are valuable and relevant to I-O practitioners. Thanks to Eric Bookmyer for leading this work. Check it out (note: you must log-in with your SIOP user name and password):


Professional Practice Update Newsletter

Thanks to Ben Porr and Meredith Ferro for launching a new eNewsletter geared toward practitioners. See the first issue at:


The Bridge: Connecting Science and Practice series

Column editors Lynda Zugec, Craig Wallace, and Mark Poteet continue their leadership on the new TIP series called “The Bridge: Connecting Science and Practice,” which has recently been focusing on winners of the SIOP-SHRM HR Impact award. The latest article is on Huntington Bank’s VOICE Colleague Engagement Survey and can be found at


Please feel free to contact the column editors with any organizations or individuals that you feel may be good to highlight in a future Bridge article.


Reminder: Practitioner Network Reception

You are invited to attend the first ever SIOP Practitioner Network Reception hosted by the SIOP Professional Practice Committee on Thursday, April 27 at 6 pm EST in the Southern Hemisphere IV ballroom in the Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin Hotel.


Regardless of whether you consider yourself a practitioner, an academic, both, or somewhere in between, all are welcome! You can have a cocktail and appetizers while reenergizing your network and learning about the many resources the SIOP community can provide to all practitioners.


Jerilyn Hayward and Donna Roland have planned a really fun event with a special theme (hint: think “I-O, I-O, it’s off to work we go!”). We only have a 60 minute window so please arrive early!


Speed Mentoring

The eighth annual Speed Mentoring Event will be held at the SIOP conference from 5:00-6:30 PM on Friday, April 28, in the Pacific B room at the Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin Hotel. Refreshments will be served to help make this a relaxed and inviting atmosphere for knowledge transfer! The session includes two 30-minute roundtable discussions on specific topics guided by one or two mentors per table. Registration is required. Look for sign-up information coming in March. The program is being led by Lynn Collins, Soner Dumani, Michael Pate, Neil Morelli, and Natalie Goode. This year’s topics include:

  1. Future Leaders and High Potentials
  2. Innovations in Employee Selection
  3. HR/Talent Analytics and Big Data
  4. Creating and Implementing Healthy Workplace Initiatives
  5. Developing Business by Selling Value
  6. Internal Versus External Consulting
  7. Diversity and the Changing Workforce
  8. Driving a High Performance Culture
  9. How to Create Your Professional Brand (Student Topic)
  10. Transitioning From Student to Practitioner (Student Topic)


Early Career Practitioner Consortium

This year, SIOP is expanding its offerings to include a special one-day program expressly designed to meet the career needs of Practitioners (nonacademic professionals) with 5 years or less experience after earning their degree (either PhD or terminal MA/MS).  The first ever Early Career Practitioner Consortium (ECPC) will be offered the day before the official start of the 2017 SIOP Annual Conference in Orlando, FL on Wednesday April 26, 2017. You must register for the SIOP conference to participate in the ECPC.  The cost of the ECPC will be $95.00 in addition to the SIOP Conference registration fee.

Vince Conte and Wendy Bedwell are leading the ECPC which will provide participants:

  • research and current trends in employment of I-O practitioners in a variety of setting
  • self-assessments related to the latest SIOP models for I-O career paths
  • learning and mentoring from seasoned professionals from a variety of work settings


We are grateful to the following SIOP members who are volunteering their time to the session: Andrew Biga, Arlene Green, Beverly Tarulli, Elizabeth Kolmstetter, and Tiffany Poeppelman.

Don't miss this opportunity to learn more about your career options, network with outstanding professionals, and plot your future direction for success! Registration will be limited to 40 participants so don't wait to register! As of this writing in early March, the ECPC was close to its capacity of 40 people.


Assistant Chair Roles

 As I near the end of the first of my 3-year term as SIOP PPC chair, I’ve learned more about all my various responsibilities for the overall project portfolio, strategic (e.g., long-term goal planning) and administrative (e.g., budgeting) components. There is a lot of important work for the PPC to do and to help me and the PPC become even more effective, we are adding a new role: assistant chair. There will be three assistant chair roles, and each will be assigned a portfolio related to the PPC’s strategic goals.

  • Professional Practice Knowledge Bank or Learning Resources (Mark Morris): the portfolio of current or future programs and projects related to helping practitioners perform their jobs, including webinars, white papers, research databases
  • Professional Practice Career Development (Steve Ashworth): the portfolio of current or future programs and projects related to helping practitioners advance their careers, including mentoring and career development programs, career competency models, practitioner needs
  • Professional Practice Communications (Ben Porr): the strategy and execution to ensure that our intended audiences know about and engage with the PPC


The three assistant chairs will serve as portfolio managers who provide support to the program managers who lead the various activities of the PPC. The assistant chair may assist program managers in various ways including: helping program managers secure the people/budget/resources needed to accomplish their objectives; providing feedback and guidance as needed/requested to program managers; and ensuring there is a succession plan in place as “program managers” rotate off the PPC. Thank you to Mark, Steve, and Ben for taking on these expanded roles.



A big thank you again to all the committee volunteers. See everyone soon in Orlando

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