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Meredith Turner
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Plan Now to Attend the 2018 SIOP Preconference Consortia!

SIOP is continuing its efforts to create career pipelines for ALL members. On Wednesday April 18, 2018, the SIOP Consortia Committee will host four (4) partially integrated consortia that will help meet the educational and development goals of all in attendance. An overarching goal of the consortia is to provide a socialization experience and networking opportunity to graduate students and early career professionals embarking on their career pathways. Thus, we are continuing the 3-decade tradition of hosting consortia to graduate students (Master’s Consortium and Doctoral Consortium), the more recently added Junior Faculty Consortium, and, due to its success last year, we are once again offering the Early Career Practitioner Consortium!


This (4) part program provides a well-rounded, comprehensive career pipelines from graduate student training into early career transitions for I-O psychologists at different career stages and in both applied and academic professions. Consortia participants gain the benefit of information exchange and networking with others within the same career track AND similar stage of career.


Past participants have nothing but good things to say about their experiences. Some quotes:


I learned a lot of information during the doctoral consortia that not only helped me land my first applied job but also helped me achieve early career success. Some key advice around leveraging the internship experience as a foot in the door, communicating complex topics in an understandable way, framing diverse experiences in a manner that aligns with business goals, and navigating the recruitment process helped…. In term of achieving success, advice such as underpromising but overdelivering, meeting with as many people one on one as I can, finding a mentor, building advocates, and staying connected with recent research all helped/are helping me a great deal.

                                                                  — 2017 Doctoral Consortium Participant Dante Myers


The Junior Faculty Consortium helped me to connect with other assistant professors and also well-established faculty to learn more about how to be successful in the tenure process and beyond. I would recommend the experience to junior faculty both from a networking perspective and from a professional development perspective.

                                                     — 2017 Junior Faculty Consortium Participant Katina Sawyer


The Junior Faculty Consortium represented, to me, a unique opportunity to connect with other individuals who were in a similar career stage as me in a nonthreatening, fun, and mostly informative environment. I really got a lot out of it and I’m glad that I went! If you are considering going … I’d encourage you to give it a shot!

                                                              — 2017 Junior Faculty Consortium Participant Jay Hardy


The Early Career Practitioner Consortium was fantastic! I had a really great day. I enjoyed hearing about different options for an I-O practitioner career. Now I’m really optimistic in terms of what my career can be, and I’m really happy to have met some people through networking who can help me get there!

                                                         — 2017 Junior Faculty Consortium Participant Emily Pelosi


Consortia occur the day before the SIOP conference, so plan now!

Participants must register prior to the conference and a fee is associated with each Consortium. Application to the Masters Consortium, Doctoral Consortium, and Early Career Practitioner Consortium (ECPC) is through nomination process (details are forthcoming!). The Junior Faculty Consortium does not require nominations so applicants may choose to attend when registering for the conference.


Seating is limited across all consortia programs, so be sure to register early!  For more information about these programs, please contact the Consortia Committee members listed below.


See you in Chicago!!


Wendy Bedwell (, Consortia Chair

Doctoral Consortium Chair: Jenna Shapiro (

Master’s Consortium Chair: Katherine Sliter (

Early Career Practitioner Consortium Chair: Vince Conte (
Junior Faculty Consortium Chair: Tyree Mitchell (


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