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Meredith Turner
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SIOP 2018 Chicago: 33rd Annual Conference: April 19-21, 2018 (Preconference Workshops April 18, 2018)

Tracy Kantrowitz, Program Chair, SIOP 2018, CEB Gartner

SIOP 2018 will feature the “Team SIOP” theme by highlighting collaboration, demonstrating impact through partnerships, and featuring multidisciplinary approaches to advance our science and practice, with several new features and an outstanding lineup of team-focused sessions! Planning for this 33rd Annual Conference in Chicago is well underway, so consider this your official notice to mark your calendars. Don’t miss this chance to join the “team”!


We received over 1,579 submissions for the 2018 SIOP conference in Chicago! Around 980 submissions were accepted for what is expected to be a first-rate conference. Back by popular demand, sessions presenting reproducible research will accelerate our science and practice by educating our members about new research and analysis techniques through the sharing of data, code, and syntax. New for 2018, the “Reviewer’s Choice” block (Friday at 1:00) will feature the highest rated sessions across a diverse array of content. Also new is the “SIOP Select” designation that will unite special, feature, theme track, and invited sessions under one label to highlight sessions cultivated by SIOP volunteers and committees on high-demand, high-impact topics that are broadly applicable and add value across the membership. Finally, for members seeking to learn about cutting-edge topics in research methods, measures, and statistics, “Methods Mania” will present the highest-rated methods tutorials and sessions in a one-stop location (Sheraton 4) throughout the program. Through these new features, the program aims to bring together like-minded researchers and practitioners, and several new special sessions that you won’t want to miss!


In addition to the peer-reviewed master tutorials, debates, symposia, panels, posters, roundtables, and alternative session types, the Program Committee has been working tirelessly to assemble a quality collection of Friday Seminars, Invited Sessions, Featured Sessions, Communities of Interest, a Master Collaboration, and a full-day President’s Theme Track (on Thursday). A preview of these sessions is offered below, with more program details to come as the conference approaches.


Thursday Theme Track


The Program Committee is pleased to offer, “TeamSIOP Ventures Into New Playing Fields,” an interactive theme track that highlights boundary-breaking examples of I-O impact within and across multifaceted teams. For those unfamiliar, the Theme Track is effectively a conference within the broader conference—a full day of programming designed to bring President Fred Oswald’s vision of Team SIOP to life. The Theme Track will feature extraordinary and unconventional ways I-O research and practice fuels inter-disciplinary science, innovation, and social change. Chair Tracey Rizzuto and her committee are assembling an exceptional lineup of presenters and call for an engaged SIOP audience to debate, create, learn from, and playfully “compete” in our dynamic interactive sessions. The sessions focus on:


  • “I-O-Speak” in Multidisciplinary Teams: This session will highlight effective models of I-Os who work in multidisciplinary settings, and offer tips and skills training on how to communicate our professional strengths and lend I-O science and practice contributions to endeavors outside of the field.
  • I-O Igniting Innovation: This session is focused on groundbreaking innovations and patents that were catalyzed by I-O scientists, practitioners, and consultant. It will feature one of Chicago’s recently recognized “most innovative” organizations and illustrate how success is amplified when I-O is part of the team.
  • Using I-O to Combat Community Violence (Chicago Case Study): This session will highlight ways I-Os can ease the complexities of public–private partnerships and assist in tackling root causes of violence in their communities. The panel features a diverse selection of Chicago community leaders from law enforcement, faith-based community, small business, and neighborhood association organizations.
  • TEAM SIOP Gameshow: Attention all board game and game show fans! This playful, interactive session will feature I-O “celebrities” and enthusiastic audience members as contestants in a fun-filled battle of wills and I-O prowess. The winner will be named Team SIOP Theme Track Champ!


The Theme Track promises to provide a day of engaging, provocative, and inspiring sessions that are interactive—bring your laptops, cell phone, and brilliant minds! The sessions are designed to provoke discussion, the exchange of ideas, and playful debate. These sessions will be scheduled back to back in the same room. We invite you to stay all day or attend only the sessions of most interest to you.


Special Sessions


Open to all attendees, the 2018 SIOP Special Sessions include invited sessions, master collaboration, and featured sessions architected by Special Sessions Chair Levi Nieminen. Although some of the details are still forthcoming, we want to share what we already know about the lineup of the sessions. No signup is necessary for these sessions, and all SIOP attendees are welcome. 


Special Session: Solutions for Sexual Harassment: Lessons From Federal Agencies

Vicki J. Magley (Chair), Armando X. Estrada (Presenter), Cynthia H. Ferentinos (Presenter), and Samantha M. Daniel (Presenter)

In this session, the audience will discuss findings from studies of sexual harassment of federal employees conducted by three different federal agencies. Findings related to the character, context, correlates, and consequences of unwanted gender-related behaviors in the workplace are presented, and intervention and prevention efforts are discussed with active participation from the audience.


Special Session: A SIOP Machine Learning Competition: Learning by Doing

Dan J. Putka (Cochair), Alexander Schwall (Cochair), Ben Taylor (Co-chair)

This special session will summarize the pilot test of a novel way for annually educating SIOP’s membership about advances in machine learning. In advance of the conference, we provided a dataset to several “teams” of I-Os across academe and practice, and hosted a competition to build the most generalizable prediction model. During the session, top performing teams will describe their approaches.


Special Session: SIOP Virtual Debate: Have We Lost Our Way?

Craig R. Dawson (Cochair), Ken Lahti (Cochair), Nancy Tippins (Panelist), Sayeedul Islam (Panelist), Taylor Peyton Roberts (Panelist), Jose Cortina (Panelist), Deniz Ones (Panelist), Michael Moon (Panelist)

Do you have something to say about the future of I-O, but you’re not sure how to make your voice heard? Two teams will debate with live real-time input from audience via Twitter. Debate hosts will respond to Twitter questions and synthesize points made by virtual participants. This session opens the debate to everyone, encouraging participation and creating the opportunity for unusual candor.


Featured Session: Innovators in the Field: Advice From Practice Award Winners

Nancy Tippins (Host), William H. Macey (Presenter), William Shepherd (Presenter), and Robert Ployhart (Presenter)

Establishing your career as a change agent and building industry-shaping collaborations are skills demonstrated by of some of the greatest disruptors in I-O psychology. This session explores strategies that drive these individual and team-based successes, presented by our recent winners of the Distinguished Professional Contributions Award and M. Scott Myers Award.


Featured Session: Building a Pipeline and Sustaining Success as an I-O Scientist

John Hollenbeck (Host), Bradford Bell (Host), Ruth Kanfer (Host), Christopher Barnes (Presenter), Steve Kozlowski (Presenter), and John Mathieu (Presenter)

A fast start and commitment to adaptability are key ingredients for maintaining scientific excellence as an I-O psychologist. Recent winners of the Distinguished Early Career Science Award and Distinguished Science Award join forces to showcase tips and strategies for building a fast-rising career and sustaining a pipeline of excellence as an I-O scientist.


Featured Session: Navigating a Meaningful I-O Career: Insights from Award Winners

Eleni Lobene (Host), William Shepherd (Host), Talya Bauer (Host), Donald Truxillo (Presenter), Anthony Boyce (Presenter), and Megan Leasher (Presenter)

The future of I-O psychology is changing as industries, technologies, and science rapidly evolve. To establish success, early career I-Os need top-notch training and continued agility. SIOP brings together recent winners of the Distinguished Teaching and Distinguished Early Career Practice Awards to share best practices in teaching and building an impactful career as an I-O practitioner.


Friday Seminars


Friday Seminars offer a unique educational opportunity within the body of the confer­ence. These 3-hour sessions are the only extended-length sessions on the schedule and take place on Friday. The sessions are intended to provide a rich immersion ex­perience for attendees about cutting-edge content areas presented by true content experts. Each session is shaped around learning objectives in order to ensure that professional developmental goals are met.


Space is limited and Friday Seminars do sell out, so we encourage you to register early to secure your spot. The Friday Seminars are continuing education credit opportunities (please see for more information).


This year’s Friday Seminars committee, led by Richard Chambers, will offer the following six sessions:


A Crash-Course in R Basics!        

8:00am–11:00am, Huron Room

Paul Bliese

The open-source language R has emerged as one of the dominant tools for statistical analyses. In this hands-on seminar, we work with R-Studio and learn fundamental skills such as bringing in data from a variety of formats. We also cover concepts such as libraries and workspaces, and perform basic analyses.


How to Conduct Organizational Network Analysis to Understand Talent

8:00am–11:00am, Ontario Room

Meghan R. Lowery and Christoffer Lynggaard Kønigsfeldt

This seminar explores the use of Organizational Network Analysis to create statistical and technical models that describe communication and social networks in organizations. Learn about different types, analytical techniques, plan for tactical execution, and how to sell business leaders on utilizing this method! Real organizational examples provided.


Tools or Toys? Evaluating New Approaches to Prehire Assessment

11:30am–2:30pm, Huron Room

Ben Hawkes

New approaches to online assessment challenge the familiar text-based, multiple-choice format with methods that incorporate gaming, video, AI, and so on. Do these approaches fulfill a promise of improving utility, efficiency, and candidate experience? This seminar provides an overview, demonstration, and critical analysis of methods from a test user’s POV.


Learning How to Use Unobtrusive Data Sources in Organizations

11:30am–2:30pm, Ontario Room

Andrew Knight

Innovative unobtrusive methods—such as digital trace data and wearable technology—hold great promise for researchers and practitioners seeking to understand workplace behavior. This session provides an application-focused introduction to these methods to identify opportunities and learn a process for implementing new unobtrusive methods at work.


Creating Dynamic Data Visualizations Through Visual Note Taking

3:00pm–6:00pm, Huron Room

Dusty Folwarczny

Creative and dynamic data visualizations are powerful tools for I-O psychologists and HR professionals. Often, consumers of our research are not data savvy; therefore, tables and charts may not have the desired impact. This seminar will expand creative toolkits and introduce the art of visual note taking, applying this skill to data visualization.


Driving Innovation in Organizations by Fostering Effective Change

3:00pm–6:00pm, Ontario Room

Sam Hunter and Lily Cushenbery

Sustainable, novel, and useful change is important; however, natural bias against new things may inhibit innovation. We’ll discuss highs and lows of generating breakthrough ideas and managing the failures that lead to them. This interactive session will cover the latest research and provide practical, evidence-based guidelines for enhancing innovation.


Communities of Interest


Interested in an “open space” SIOP format that is attendee driven, informal, and focused on a topic of particular interest to you? Communities of Interest allow you to meet new people, catch up with colleagues, learn about new advances, discuss ideas, have a provocative discussion, and play a part in driving breakthrough research and practice ideas on a hot topic at the forefront of I-O psychology. These sessions are designed to enhance existing communities and create new ones around common themes or interests. They have no chair, presenters, discussant, or even slides. Instead, they are discussions shaped on the basis of the audience and informally moderated by one or two facilitators with insights on a topic of interest. These are great sessions to attend if you would like to meet potential collaborators, generate ideas, have stimulating conversations, meet some new friends with common interests, or expand your network to include other like-minded SIOP members. These 50-minute conversations run continuously on Thursday and Friday in room Mayfair.


Chair Dev Dalal and the rest of the COI Commit­tee have lined up some great sessions and facilitators for this year’s conference, cover­ing a wide range of topic areas:



Technology in Assessment: Moving From Reactive to Proactive

Hosts: Sarena Bhatia and Richard N. Landers


Let's Talk About Dirty Data! Grappling With Issues of Real-World Data

Hosts: Samuel T. McAbee and Bobby Naemi


Alternative Work Arrangements: Agile Project Management Methods Are Here!

Hosts: Jasmine Langevine and Mike Morrison


Communicating With Organizational Leaders: Selling Our Intervention

Hosts: Lilly Lin and Kevin P. Nolan


I-O and Job Automation: Implications for the Future of Work

Hosts: Neil Morelli and Brendan Neuman


Recruitment in Today's Workplace: Current Practices and Research Needs

Hosts: Robert Gibby and Richard Landers



Affect and Emotions in the Workplace: Current Findings and Practical Implications

Hosts: Sigal Barsade and Malissa Clark


How Can We Eliminate Sexual Harassment

Hosts: Armando Estrada and Vicki Magley


Fostering Science–Practitioner Collaboration: Employee Well-Being

Hosts: Tori Crain and Jennifer Rineer


Collaborating Across Scientific Disciplines: Making I-O More Cross Disciplinary

Hosts: Dorothy R. Carter and Autumn D. Krauss


Communicating I-O Psychology to Society: Taking a Seat at the Decision Table

Hosts: Stephen Stark and Stephanie Zajac


Fostering Science–Practice Collaboration: Recruitment and Candidate Experience

Hosts: Bing Chun Lin and Julie McCarthy


Taking Advantages of Breaks at Work

Hosts: Sooyeol Kim and Alvin (Qikun) Niu


Mindfulness at Work: Opportunities and Challenges for Research and Practice

Hosts: Ute Hülsheger and Marian N. Ruderman



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