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Volume 55     Number 3    Winter 2018      Editor: Tara Behrend

Meredith Turner
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Foundation Spotlight: Creative Imaginings

Milton D. Hakel, PhD

In the October issue of TIP, I wrote that one sure way to improve applied psychological science is to contribute your time, talent, and treasure to the SIOP Foundation.  Now I invite you to tell us about your dreams, your creative imaginings for our field of applied organizational science. 


I-O psychology has grown steadily over the past 5 decades.  It continues growing, yet it has lost none of its vast potential for advancing human welfare.  We are putting creativity into our work.  Day in and day out we “give at the office.”


We also give beyond our offices.  That’s where some of the dreams come in.  I entered the field in the days when we were known as industrial psychology and pro bono R&D was rare.  Except for the topic of employee selection, the implications of research for public policy were seldom discussed.  How we’ve changed.


And more change will be coming, some of it welcome and some of it thrust upon us.  As always, creative imaginings will be needed.  They will help us to evaluate opportunities and threats, to set priorities, and to take action.


For example, suppose there was a grant source for strengthening I-O psychology masters and doctoral programs, or providing midcareer refreshment and development for professionals.  How about fostering field research consortia?  These imaginings hit pretty close to home, but they barely scratch the surface.  Send your creative imaginings to any or all of us listed below.


The Foundation connects donors to the practitioners and researchers who make our field vital. Your calls and questions to the SIOP Foundation are always welcome.  Join us in building any of the endowments, or begin a current project through the Fund for the Future.  Contribute or make a pledge at


Let's get on with improving psychological science.  And keep on giving, both at the office and wherever our applied science takes us.


Milt Hakel, President, (419) 819 0936

Rich Klimoski, Vice-President, (703) 993 1828

Nancy Tippins, Secretary, (864) 527 5956

Leaetta Hough, Treasurer, (651) 227 4888

Adrienne Colella, Communications Officer, (504) 865 5308

Bill Macey, Trustee, (847) 751 1409

John C. Scott, Trustee,, (203) 655-7779


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