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SIOP members help veterans transition into civilian life through coaching on resume skills and help employers to create policies, practices, and a culture that is accepting of returning veterans.


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Project Summary


America is experiencing the largest military demobilization in its history as hundreds of thousands of service members are transitioning into civilian life.  Despite a strong interest from private sector employers to hire these veterans we are still seeing high veteran unemployment rates. This is partially due to misunderstandings or misperceptions that business leaders have of veterans and difficulties that veterans have translating and explaining their skills and understanding civilian workplace cultures.

SIOP members are well qualified to help veterans through our following fields of expertise through research and practice:

  1. We can translate military skills into civilian counterparts (through KSA or competency analyses),
  2. We understand organizational cultures and how to integrate diverse cultures,
  3. We coach job-searchers and work with them to improve their applications and interviewing skills, and
  4. We consult with senior corporate leaders and speak their language.

The impact of veteran unemployment on our nation is enormous: In addition to the negative effect on each veteran family, we are seeing suicides linked to unemployment, a drain on our local communities, and our nation denied the intellectual capital, productivity, and financial contributions of these brave Americans who sacrificed their own freedoms to protect the freedom of our nation.


Qualifications Required


The project is continually evolving and volunteer needs will change as the project evolves. Prime qualifications are a desire to help the veterans and a respect for their service.  Specific projects would require qualifications in KSA or competency analysis, coaching job candidates, workplace cultures, consulting, organizational change, and working with senior leadership in organizations that are attempting to assimilate veterans into their workforce.

No military experience is required to assist with this project.


How to Get Involved


Contact Nate Ainspan at nate@ainspan.com or Kristin Saboe at Kristin.Saboe@gmail.com


Additional Information


Our project first begun by providing one-on-one counseling services for the transitioning service members and veterans. After an initial pilot project we are expanding our efforts to address the effective blend of military and civilian organizational cultures and issues associated with civilian leader misperceptions that act as a barrier to the effective socialization of veterans into civilian organizations.

Veteran employment and under-employment has become a major problem for our nation. SIOP members are uniquely qualified to address it and thus have a positive impact on our nation’s development.

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