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SIOP Spotlight on Pro-social  and Advocacy Work: Amanda Amaral

Amanda Amaral is a SIOP member and a graduate student at the University of Guelph. Throughout her time as a graduate student, Amanda has worked as an intern at The Research Shop in the Community Engaged Scholarship Institute (CESI). During her internship, Amanda has worked on a number of projects related to social justice, health, and the wellbeing of the local community. Most recently, she has been working on pieces of a large project called Toward Common Ground. Amanda, along with her community partner Sarah Haanstra, has worked with over a dozen social and health service organizations to create a sustainable collective planning model for the communities of Guelph and Wellington (approximately 50 miles west of Toronto).

To help identify the public health needs in these communities, Amanda helped to write a report that describes several indicators of wellbeing (e.g., income, food insecurity, mental health, unemployment, literacy), including information about why these indicators are important how these indicators are being operationalized and measured, how the data are being gathered, where missingness in the data presents a problem. As the Toward Common Ground project continues, the objective is ultimately to use this centralized database of public health needs to inform the strategic decisions made by local social and health service organizations.

The opportunity to volunteer for CESI has allowed Amanda to explore her research interests as well as to apply her education and research skills to benefit the local community. Her expertise in I/O has helped Amanda to:

  • Identify and evaluate sources of credible information
  • Synthesize multiple sources of information and clearly explain key conclusions for multiple stakeholders, both graphically and in written form

To learn more about Amanda’s work, please visit CESI’s website here, or visit their social media here or here.