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SIOP HomeProsocial I-O → Brady and Engelhardt

SIOP Spotlight on Pro-social and Advocacy Work: Lisa Brady and Pat Engelhardt

Coalition of Forces for Veterans: Connecting the Red, White and Blue

Lisa Brady is a SIOP student affiliate at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga (UTC), and Pat Engelhardt, PhD is a seventeen-year U.S. Air Force veteran, adjunct faculty at South Florida State College (SFSC), and SIOP professional member. Lisa and Pat are building a community program called Coalition of Forces for Veterans: Connecting the Red, White, and Blue. They are adapting Greenzone, aUTC training program to increase awareness of veteran issues, and applying the program to community members in South Florida. They plan to use SFSC as a launching pad to connect local leaders and charitable organizations. The objective is to organize forces to facilitate the education, training, and employability of area veterans and their families.

The Coalition of Forces for Veterans is in the formative stage. SFSC’s President has agreed to help organize the pilot project at SFSC and support an initial advisory committee. Pat envisions including a veteran social component, meeting place, and historical arm through a veteran’s museum (highlighting the history and experiences of local veterans and their families).  She will assist in developing grants to help fund this project.

Lisa is a Masters candidate in I-O Psychology at UTC and plans to graduate in May 2017. Lisa is seeking a position that stimulates growth and provides opportunities to improve organizational efficiency by enhancing employee well-being. Pat’s goals are to continue research that informs organizational leadership in reducing narcissistic leadership, abuse of power, negative relationships, hate crimes, and multicultural prejudice in the workplace.

Why this Focus?

Universities and organizations can play a significant role in community social issues. Lisa invites the SIOP community to reach out to her and learn more about how this program can be personalized and adapted. Lisa hopes that this program will inspire individuals to step up as leaders: “We have supported veterans passively for long enough; it is time to show our gratitude and integrity by actively serving those who have so selflessly fought for us.”

Pat wants to help build an organizational mechanism for veterans, which builds community collaborations and connects transitioning veterans and their families to resources and opportunities to succeed in “civilian” life (higher education, career advancement, leadership training, and overall needed supports). In rural communities, there may be several wonderful programs to help veterans and their families but identifying those services can be difficult.

At the SIOP Annual Conference in April 2017, Dr. Engelhardt will be a panel member on the Special Session focusing on I-O Impact, and how the core of our professional skills can be a perfect fit for making a positive, pro-social difference in our communities and world.  She is also reaching out to the SIOP community for ideas in helping to build this pilot project!