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The Academic’s Forum

Finding Your Path to Academia

By Allison S. Gabriel, Virginia Commonwealth University

On a Friday afternoon not too many weeks ago, I was sitting in my home office nursing a cold that I seem all too prone to as of late (apparently, your immunity does not improve when you get your PhD), when I received an email from Morrie Mullins entitled “Come back to TIP?” My first reaction was a mild panic. You see, I had promised Morrie (and previous editor Lisa Steelman) that I would work on a brief article outlining some of the growing pains associated with transitioning from graduate school to life on the tenure track. It was to be a one-time gig building upon some of the papers I had written when I was part of the University of Akron TIP-TOPics team from 2011–2013. However, life got in the way—all good things, I promise—and the article, while still in the back of my mind, drifted to the back of my writing cue. As I was flooded with embarrassment, I clicked the email open already mentally wording my apology to Morrie in my head, and was shocked to see an invitation to take over The Academics’ Forum.…continue reading in the January issue of TIP!

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Promoting Evidence-Based HR

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SIOP Doctoral Consortium

Attention Ph.D. Students and Faculty Sponsors!

One of SIOP’s most exciting and worthwhile annual conference activities is the Doctoral Consortium. The 30th Annual Lee Hakel Doctoral Student Consortium will be held Wednesday, April 22, 2015, in Philadelphia, PA, preceding the SIOP Annual Conference....Read more