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Last Chance for SIOP Officer Nominations

Nominations Close September 30

The nominations deadline for open positions on SIOP’s Executive Board is quickly approaching. Voting members must make nominations by midnight EDT on September 30.

As voting members recognized in the June 2019 Bylaws amendment ballot, diversity of representation is important for strong, effective leadership. The electoral process begins with nominations, and it’s truly important to have different viewpoints and diverse participants involved.

If you are a voting member and have not yet made a nomination, please consider making this consequential contribution to the continuing health of our professional community.

President Eden King said, “Our leadership is only as strong as the nominees on the ballot! I urge you to nominate SIOP members for these important positions."

Your well-considered nominations for the open officer positions, including the newly created Diversity and Inclusion Officer, are important for ensuring strong leadership for the future of SIOP and the profession of I-O psychology.

We are seeking nominations for the following Executive Board positions: 

• President-Elect

• Conferences and Programs Officer

• Communications Officer

• Research and Science Officer

• Diversity and Inclusion Officer

Please view the Officer Roles document for descriptions of each position and duties.

Please also recall the recent bylaws amendment regarding eligibility of officers (see Article V, Section 3.d.).

The term for the new Diversity and Inclusion Officer will be extended from the standard 3 years to 4 years to balance the rotation of officers. All other terms of office are 3 years.

All nominees must be members in good standing (current dues paid). For more details on the process, please refer to the Elections Committee Policy on Nominations.

Members, Fellows, Retired Members, and Retired Fellows may make nominations. Associates and Students are not eligible to participate. 

Visit this page to make your nominations after you log in with your SIOP username and password:

https://www.siop.org/About-SIOP/Nominate. If you can't remember your username and password, please go to the site and request that they be e-mailed to you or call the SIOP Administrative Office at (419) 353-0032.

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