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SIOP United Nations Team Celebrates Anniversary

In 2011, SIOP was granted non-governmental organization (NGO) special consultative status with the United Nations’ Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC). Nine years later, the relationship is still going strong.

SIOP was granted this status thanks to the efforts of four SIOP administrations, beginning with Past President Gary Latham.

“We are especially grateful for the presidential leadership that initiated this work and for the groundwork set by Dr. John Scott and others who made this a reality today,” said Julie Olson-Buchanan, Chair of the SIOP United Nations Team.

“I am so proud to have been a part of SIOP’s initial engagement with the United Nations,” Scott said “Our partnership with the UN has truly advanced the science and practice of I-O psychology to improve the quality of working life on a global scale – and this partnership is only getting stronger. I continue to be amazed and gratified by the significant inroads and progress made under the visionary leadership of Drs. Julie Olson-Buchanan and Lori Foster.”

By educating, advocating, and making direct contributions to the programs and goals of the ECOSOC, SIOP is supporting the United Nations in achieving its mandates through high-quality solutions to address humanitarian and development issues within United Nations common system. Additional strategic goals can be found on the SIOP United Nations webpage.

“SIOP’s relationship with the United Nations is a key factor in advancing our field toward addressing societal well-being and serving the greater good,” Olson-Buchanan said.

Over the past few years, the team has developed a Learning and Innovation series that has expanded the visibility of I-O psychology within the UN. The committee has also facilitated pro bono work with SIOP members and fellows on such projects as working on the performance management system with ESCAP (the Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific).

Looking ahead, the SIOP United Nations team is currently engaging in the development of a needs assessment survey to be distributed worldwide across the UN agencies and other entities to identify other ways SIOP can partner with the UN Secretariat, agencies, and other entities through the application of theory, research, and practice of I-O Psychology. This will be a large-scale survey across the UN, done in partnership with our partners at the United Nations Secretariat. The results of this assessment are intended to be used to target SIOP’s efforts to those areas, entities, and programs within the UN that could benefit most from SIOP’s expertise.

The team is also creating a series of videos to promote the work of SIOP UN team members as it relates to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Videos will be shared via regular SIOP communications vehicles in the coming months.

The ECOSOC is one of six principal organs of the UN System and serves as the central forum for formulating policy recommendations regarding international economic and social issues. NGO consultative status allows SIOP to make direct contributions to the programs and goals of the UN by accessing and participating in the work of the ECOSOC. The members of SIOP bring a unique set of skills and body of research that aligns with ECOSOC’s vision and mission and which can be leveraged to drive societal change and support the sustainable development goals.

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